Well what an amazing week, after a summer that's proved tricky to get really
good flying days, especially for the office bound at weekends, so getting
both Saturday and Sunday was a real bonus.

People have flown nearly every day in the Vale of Pewsey on Milk Hill, Milk Hill White Horse, Golden Ball
and Tan Hill and Lee has trained 5 out of 7 days and was out with the winch on Sunday. It's been brilliant to see so many Cloudbase groupies and Team 5 wings out and about. I think we have counted a total of 17xT5 plus the tandem (Tracey, Mike, Iain, Ian, Gordon, Stu, Mike, Peter, John (plus the LSMM of course), Nik, Lee,Tommy, Alison, Ann, John, Tim and me...if I have missed anyone I do apologise!).

Congratulations to the newest CPs, Peter and John, and especially to Peter for soaring high over the weekend, and well done Mike
Manners for his XC to Avebury - the only one I believe.

Let’s hope we get some more weather like this soon.

Pictures below are from Johns wife (Long Suffering Mrs Morgan)(LSMM)