Great hill training day out on our private flying sites Rudlers North and West.  As always an early start to the day with some theory practice then moving over to Rudlers North with the students, Tim, David, Norman, Andy and Emma and our resident cloudbasers John, Nik, Thee and Fi (Mrs Moose) who came over to enjoy the flying.  The conditions were perfect for the students geting used to hill and completing soaring and hill tasks but everyone getting lots of short flights in the lifty sunny morning air and flying really well.  Lots of ground handling paying dividends.

In the afternoon we moved round to Rudlers West with the change in wind direction and some of the students got a great chance to soar or fly down on the much larger Rudlers North hill until sunset.  Eveyone had a great day and lots of tasks completed, great flying from everyone and Tim well done with his soaring on Rudlers really well done...big smiles :-)