With the forecast suggesting light winds, clearing skies and with the ground drying nicely we ventured out to our private easterly training slope with George and Dean on their Taster Day. After a bit of paper work we got stuck straight in and within an hour both were getting their feet off the ground.

We also had out with us Mike and Ben, Mike is on his CP course while Ben just needs to sit his exam to complete his EP.

A great day was had by all with both George and Dean completing over 15 flights each, it does help to be only 17 hey George. Ben managed lots of Top to Bottoms using the reverse launch technique and Mike completed his first soaring flight of over 15 mins.

Some pictures and video below.

P.S for those of you waiting for a report on Lanzarote it’s on its way with a video and pictures as well. Lee


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A good day out in top-end wind strength conditions for training.  John, Chloe, Diccon and Geoff all coped well with the ground handling while those who were ready and able enjoyed the easy soaring and very pleasant early season thermals, getting some good climbs in the company of buzzards, ravens and Cloudbase graduate, Nik.  So good to get some sun on the skin and a bit of fresh air!  Perfect preparation for the lucky, lucky people going out to Lanzarote!  Have fun!!  (not jealous, at all!!)  Smile




Sunday was one of those great winter days; chilly, breezy and cloudy, but with the cloud gradually melting away and the sun doing its best to warm us up.  Standing in the middle of a huge grass airfield in January all day might not be everyone's idea of fun, but much fun was had by all, judging by the breadth of the smiles.  Sunshine, blue skies, good friends, a great sport and the Cloudbase winch...what more could we ask for?!

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A very productive day was had today, winching in the gorgeous winter sunshine of the Pewsey Vale.  Great to see Dave back on his feet only a few weeks after major back surgery... his sense of humour is still firmly intact, but sadly the quality of his jokes hasn't improved.  Great to see you back, mate!  Also present were Trainee Air Dogs, Hamish, Damson and Muppet - very well behaved spaniels, not that they had much choice tied up to a large truck all day.

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Well what a fantastic start to the week, congratulations to Chloe, Diccon and Geoff on some excellent flying in some lovely spring like conditions.

They all achieved, and were signed off in slope landings, flying with others and forward and reverse launching. Diccon and Geoff also managed their first top landings well done to you all.

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cb_macHi All, Well the new website went live last night and is now fully operational.  Nik switched it over at about 23:00 and within a couple of hours had migrated around the world and was live by about 02:00 this morning.

Nik has worked tirelessly to produce this fantastic update to Cloudbase’s website and I hope you all agree that he has done a magnificent  job.

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On Sunday the 9th of January 2011 our Cloudbasers and post graduates got out to Milk Hill and had an excellent and very unexepect day flying from the morning through to sunset with many other TVHGC piots.

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