Designed to be the best in its class, this is the perfect wing for new pilots or those who aren't able to fly regularly.

- Top performance in the DHV 1 class, yet stable and safe for
low air time pilots too!
- Straightforward launching and landing in all winds
- Significantly better for ground handling than others
- Unique colour co-ordinated risers and lines

- Extremely high quality manufacture, lightweight too

- Speed system included

List price £2,390 incl VAT



The DHV 1-2 glider, another top performer in its class:
"The best 1-2  I have ever flown"
was the comment from a world class pilot who recently flew ours!

- Fast and dynamic, yet plenty of passive safety
- Unique colour co-ordinated risers and lines
- Extremely high quality manufacture and lightweight
- Speed system included

List price £2,540 incl VAT


DHV 1-2

The tandem glider to fly with any passenger, large or small.
The Test Pilots were amazed by the safety and overall flying characteristics so they put it in the 1-2 class.

- Huge weight range of 110kg to 240kg using novel zip system
- Converts from large to very large in just a couple of minutes

- Zipping up concertinas the centre 3 cells to reduce the area
- Incredibly good handling makes light wind landings easy
- Usual TEAM 5 colour co-ordinated lines and risers

List price £3,370 incl VAT


BLUE Mountain

The ultimate ultra-light wing for mountaineering fliers.

- Certified DHV 1-2
- Yet over 30% lighter than its big brother, the BLUE

- High quality, special endurance, lightweight fabric
- Ideal for travelling and hiking with your wing
- 3.5 to 4.0 kg

List Price £2,760 incl VAT



Newly certified and launched, the RED breaks new standards in DHV 2 performance and inspires competitive ambitions.

- Brand new design winter 2008/2009
- Unique high pressure pad in the leading edge
- Improves stability at speed
- Very fast, very dynamic
- Superb thermalling performance
- High quality materials and construction

List price £2,930 incl VAT



The ACRO wing. Mad, bad and wicked amounts of fun! Only for experienced pilots.

- Developed especially for ACRO pilots
- High speed and extremely dynamic reactions
- Small surface allows the BLACK to "fly around the corners"
- Unrivalled agility and mobility
- SATs, helicopters, McTwists, this wing does them all

List price £2,840



The reserve parachute, available in standard or amazing new steerable design. Made to the highest standards using the most modern materials used in the production of parachutes. Click on the paracute to watch a small video of Lee test deploying his Orange ST in Austria last year.


- Small 105kg £470
- Medium 120kg £480
- Large 148kg £520
- Tandem 220kg £680
- Steerable 130kg £720



The TEAM 5 harnesses are beautifully made, lightweight, comfortable and precise. The Grey is suitable for beginners, advanced and cross country fliers:

- Multiple adjusters for perfect comfort and precision
- 17cm foam protection (airbag option available)
- Shaped seat form
- Lightweight, from 3.8kg

- Deep stowage pockets both sides
- Side mounted reserve
- Supplied with integral stirrup with automatic quick release

List price £540 incl VAT



The tandem pilot driver harness

- All the refinements of the GREY

- Shortened seat to accommodate passenger in front
- Side mounted reserve with large compartment
- Multiple adjustments for comfort
- Lightweight buckles

List price £540 incl VAT


GREY Passenger

The tandem passenger harness

List price £540 incl VAT

Pictures coming soon!

The brand new pod harness for advanced fliers

List price £815 incl VAT

Pictures coming soon!

Cloudbase Training Packages comprise a TEAM 5 GREEN glider, GREY harness and ORANGE standard reserve parachute, ready to go complete with stirrup and speed system. Price includes training.

Cloudbase has ex demo gliders for sale at substantial discounts from list - just  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !